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African Research and Impact Network (ARIN) Fellowship 2022

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About the African Research and Impact Network (ARIN) Fellowship

Over the last decades, Africa has experienced intense research and policy activities in various sectors especially health, agriculture, energy, science and technology, and lately climate change among others. However, African research remains uncoordinated, with little in-continent learning and poor networking among researchers.

The continent lacks impact networks – i.e. a dedicated platform for bringing African researchers and policymakers to engage in periodic dialogue, learning, and, capability building towards creating research and policy impact.  Consequently, there is little understanding of best research practices and impact pathways in the continent.  There is also little understanding of what works in various African contexts and associated research and policy gaps.

The African Research and Impact Network (ARIN) is an impact platform that brings together a network of scholars across Africa who have been undertaking research in various fields including natural resource management, climate change, agriculture, forestry, energy, water, and cities to leverage their knowledge and experiences in promoting research excellence and impact pathways. The team includes talented researchers and technocrats expected to pursue a common goal. ARIN’s core focus is on peer learning and sharing good transformative research and impact practices across Africa.

Modeled as a network, ARIN seeks to leverage the capabilities of talented African scholars flexibly. ARIN’s core focus is to bring together a network of talented researchers and policymakers across Africa to engage in peer learning and share good transformative research and impact practices.

It is in this context that ARIN and the Institute for Climate Change (ICCA) are launching the ARIN Fellowship, which is now open to interested young researchers. The ICCA at the University of Nairobi consists of a diversified team of experts and researchers drawn from across the University. Established in 2011, ICCA is dedicated to building the human capacity necessary to address the unique climate change adaptation needs of vulnerable communities.

Benefits of ARIN Fellowship:

Access to a vibrant network of young, talented researchers in Africa and the diaspora

Participation in professional development programs for research

Contribute to developing and implementing cutting-edge research projects

Exclusive access to new and innovative opportunities

Application Requirements:

Application Deadline: July 29, 2022 (11:59 pm GMT)

For how to apply and other details check the sponsoring organization’s website <<Here>>   

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