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9 Genuine High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree To Get Hired

9 Genuine High Paying Jobs That Don't Require A Degree To Get Hired
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Who says that one can only get a high-paying jobs by being a college graduate? That’s not true. There are hundreds to thousands of jobs that exist for hire in the online and offline recruitment space, most of these jobs don’t even require a degree to get started.  In this article, I will share with you a few high-paying jobs that don’t require a B. A degree to get hired, I hope you will take a chance on them to get that income boost you desire.

Genuine High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree To Get Hired

Executive Assistant

An Executive assistant is one of the high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree to get hired. An Executive’s assistant job role involves providing support to top-tier administrative personnel and duties range from typical clerical work to meeting bookings, calendar and schedule management etc. You just need to have some skills that can help you get ahead during interview.

According to Indeed, the average yearly salary for an executive assistant is $60.000

Real Estate Agent

Housing is one of the basic needs of man, this implies that a career in real estate is financially rewarding. A real estate agent guides and helps clients to sell, buy and rent properties. Sometimes they also negotiate property sale prices and prepare houses for sale. To attain success as a real estate agent you would have to choose a niche and build a strong clientele network.

A Real Estate Agent’s average salary is about $94,500 and above per year, yes, you don’t need a degree to be a real estate agent.


Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree to get started. Entrepreneurship requires grit, tenacity, dedication, and research skills and these skills are not courses taught in a university. They are self-developed. The financial reward in entrepreneurship is limitless, what you earn depends on how successful your startup is. Most successful entrepreneurs earn from hundreds to thousands and millions of dollars monthly.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching is one career path that has no boundaries on entry. Most successful coaches don’t even have a college degree other than being knowledgeable on the topic/subject they are focused on and having amazing communication skills.

Subsequently, you can obtain accredited coaching certifications, and thanks to online education it is easier today.

Tony Robbins-the highest paid life coach in the world earns thousands to millions of dollars yearly.

Commercial Pilot

I can bet you are surprised. But a commercial pilot is different from an airline pilot which requires the necessary degree. One can become a commercial pilot by passing license training, mandatory flight training, and FAA tests.

Commercial pilots earn about $127,000 yearly.

Logistics/Supply Chain Manager

As the online marketplace grows daily, job roles like supply chain manager are becoming relevant and the salary earned is higher.

Supply chain managers today earn an average of $108,000 per year, it gets more financially rewarding as the industry expands of which I can assure you that it will.

Software Developer

A software developer’s salary is often more than the average base salary – which is $116.457 yearly. Today, there is a high demand for software developers all around the world, a demand that the current number of computer science holders can not satisfy. This has led to employers widening the recruitment gap to individuals who have technological skills but might not have a degree. It is good news, isn’t it?

There exist hundreds of boot camps and certification programmes you can enrol in to get the knowledge and certification to join this growing tech marketplace.

Project Manager

Project management is also one of the high-paying jobs that does not require a degree to get hired. Its versatility in accommodating several industries and sectors is what makes a career in it financially secure. You can begin by acquiring knowledge from short-term certification courses and progressing across the job roles.

Project managers earn an average salary of  $96,627 yearly.

Flight Attendant

Besides the privilege of visiting almost anywhere in the world without paying a dime, flight attendant is one of the high-paying jobs that doesn’t require a degree to be hired. However, as a flight attendant, you will have to be experienced in customer service and get FAA certified. You will also be required to pass the mandatory on-the-job training. If you are looking to be on international flights, then you might have to be proficient in a couple of foreign languages. Of course, there exist hundreds of language proficiency courses online that you can enroll in to learn.

The average yearly salary for a flight attendant is about $62,000.

N/B: Salary yearly median is culled from, and


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